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Strict Nat And Port Problems



Hello guys, ive changed my connection 2 days ago and now on warframe i have that message showing up at the startup (port 3960 and 3962 etc..). Ive opened them in my router but that message still appears. I've tried to play and most of players can invite me and i can invite them, but i can't invite my friend anymore (we have been playing together this game for 3 months+ ). How can i solve this?

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That's just how it works on Warframe. We have been crying out to DE for them to fix this for a very VERY long time, but without succes. NAT problems has no definate solution right now. I've had several clan mates who tried every single guide to fixing it, without succes.


It's unfortunate, but let's just hope that DE manage to fix this eventually. Considering it's still a problem, means that it's not something they could fix over night. But in my opinion it is the worst problem on Warframe.

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