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How To Make Ether Weapons Different


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Finisher Damage: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0/Finisher_Damage


Originally, Ether Swords did Serrated Blade (armor ignore, 3x damage vs. light infested). Since Finisher is pretty much the new Serrated Blade, I think it would distinguish the ether weapons apart from every other melee weapon they respectively share a class with.


Fluff? It's made of crazy void crystal stuff, it goes through everything.


Obviously, Finisher is very powerful. Ether Longsword + Crimson Dervish = 222.6 base (or something) vs. Grineer Heavies. Could be OP. Could be cool and a good reason to use these awesome looking weapons (other than that they look awesome).




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All finisher damage would be pretty strong, they'd need a reduced base damage or some other downside


Was thinking that 15-20% reduced damage for each Ether might be enough. They would still be less useful against infested, especially now that the only Infested Sinew using mob is Phorid.

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