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Warframe And Mod Mechanics Bugs


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So far the things i have Noticed


Novas - Antimater drop does not work - its AOE does not happen anymore and damage is not caulated.

-- tested with Dred on corpus


Nyx - Abosorbe - Damage is reset if obsorbe ball gets hit with new damage type.

-- tested with Penta on corpus


All warframes - Now unable to dubble tap control key to clime walls.

-- tested with all my warframes


Now I am uncertain if many other mods and powers are nurffed or messed up aslo.


-- Please fix 


These and many other repoted problems that have caused the majority of my clan to stop playing altogeather.

-- Blinding Graphical Glitches

-- UI Crashing and unable to move the mouse -have to alt tab to quit game.


-- This is terrible


I like the new additions. but at what cost?


Again, please look into these problems and fix.

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