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Missions Accomplished But Not Validated....


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Hello !


I have a big problem with missions and planets and I think that it's not normal :

When I finish 1 mission (with success), it is often considered like a fail :

I don't unlock an other mission or planet, and it's very hard to play with this...


For example I have win E Gate (Venus) 4 times, but just the last unlocked Venera.

I have noticed that when i play in coop with a friend and that I have the first palyer in the squad (the host I thnik), I validate more often the mission.

But when it's an other player, never...

(For validate E gate, I have launch a game in solo but I have played with 3 persons and i was the host, I think).


I specify that my quest with vor bug (I think) : I had kill him 4-5 times and even if the mission is validated, I have recieved 0 new quest, 


But the principal problem is that I must finish missions several times for finish (if this happens) them...

Is it also normal that when my friend is the host, the quest is not validated for me (and vice versa) ?


Thanks for your answers.




PS : Sorry for my english, I hope that you understand.

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Ok thanks a lot.


Last question : I have seen that to have Jupiter we must win the mission to Lua.

The mission has been validated but i don't have the access.

It's the same bug or it's the bad mission ?


(Actually I have only Mercury, Venus and Earth).

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