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U14 Ui Feedback


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It's gotten really hard to find constructive feedback among so many posts, so we decided to add one place for it.


Please try to keep it constructive and within topic, some (not all) examples of feedback I've seen in other threads that we will definitely discuss:


- Put matchmaking mode change in the solar map

- In foundry make the counter show all materials and not just the maximum. 100/100 -> 1,253/100

- Put labels on the planets in solar map

- Avoid Warframe overlapping screens

- Clicking on alert icon on planet view zooms in that planet, turned to the alert


Also seen a lot that are bugs, lets try to keep this thread on changes to functionality, please put bugs in the proper section.


Posts that really won't contribute anything and will make it harder to get feedback:


-"Bring back the old UI"

-"Insert Dev Bash here"

-"The whole UI blows because it was made for <platform I don't play on>"

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While I love the new navigation UI. Having to go to each planet to claim and deploy extractors...
Is something I wish I could have left behind...

Perhaps a claim all button please?



Extraction summary suggestion:

Also includes something to track progress of resource collection for foundry items.


When accessing mods your Warframe is often in the way.


After pressing X to view mods. Perhaps you could make the warframe walk into a position on the left of the menu?





No matter where he was originally from 'X', he would consistently walk to that point while the Menu appears into view.
He is then consistently out of the way.

This could even change with screen aspect ratio. As the mod menu is VERY wide.

When looking at our companions... the above loadout menu is very easy to read.


But not when looking at our Warframe. This is because of the change in background. To keep things consistent... why not have stronger contrast?

From this:


To this?:


I can understand concerns from the UI team is about UI overlapping with the Warframe model...

So why not align it to a different position?

or align the camera/zoom out a bit more when viewing this "overall loadout screen"

Retruning to zoom and bring into focus separate parts as they are customised? Helms, guns etc.

Adjusting to the player.... as opposed to the player having to adjust to the UI (in terms of readability).

Edit: Added images for clarification

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Thoughts after playing with the UI some more.



-- There are no components for Inbox or Inventory. Inbox component could be located to the left of naviagtion, opposite the News? Inventory could be added between Foundry and Arsenal, or on the desk with the Codex?



--ESC menu is useful but nested menus are a problem. Consider restoring some version of the Arsenal/Foundry/Market/Inbox/Clan ribbon from the old UI. This functionality is sorely missed.

-- Warframe's shoulder being in the way of menus is a problem in Foundry and Mod menus. Narrow the foundry columns and remove the leftmost column from the mod menu, and tweak Warframe slightly to the left, so entire UI is visible at all times?

-- UI sway is a bit much, give us an option to scale the movement down like in-mission UI?

--Bug: When in Arsenal>Kubrow upgrade>Mods, "Equipped" mod tab does not display mods equipped to Kubrow.

--Bug: When in Navigation, clicking the menu button beside player's avatar and selecting Arsenal doesn't lead to Arsenal immediately. One must press ESC first. Causes difficulty when preparing for missions.



--Give us an option to label the planets.

--Show resource drops when mouse hovers on planet.

--Vary size of planets to make them easier to identify at a glance.

--Seriously consider scaling planets to reflect their relative positions in space. Let the Tenno be the sun and have the planets orbit them, perhaps. The planets don't have to move like the old Star Chart, but the relative positions of each was useful and is sorely missed in this update.

(edit - some extra points I remembered)

-- In zoomed planet view, have Corpus/Grineer icons on nodes showing which faction is in control at a glance.

-- Have the Assassinate mission of a planet be very visually distinctive, so that when players are rotating the planet it can act as a visual 'anchor', indicating when it has rotated 360'.


Cosmetic stuff:

Integrate the old explosions/electric storm/gas cloud effects on nodes in Invasion/Outbreak state. Those were pretty neat in the old UI!


PS, thanks for all the hard work so far!

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Hey Pablo,

Well here is my main post:




Additional suggestions:

History Tracking:

Due to some bugs and having "lost connection to host" sometimes, possibly caused by the host loading faster than us and leaving the squad, could we have an option to look back on past games?

Somewhere in codex we could have "Past Missions" where you can look back on say the past 10 missions, in case you want to share a screenshot or information about something specific.



Mission Information:

I may have mentioned this in my main post, but in case I didn't.

Each "tile" (when you are browsing through the planet to choose a mission) should display basic information in regards to mission type, difficulty and faction.


This should apply to when somebody in the squad is voting on something, it displays the mission name but not mission type (not sure if it displays planet or not either, it should).



Menu Sensitivity

It would be nice to have an additional sensitivity slider for the menus as for me it is slightly too slow.



Finding Squad + Multitasking

When finding squad it should let you esc back so you can move around the ship whilst searching for a game because right now you can only multi task like this only if you are already in a squad.

(constantly updated: 20:30 GMT +0   23/07/2014)

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Not really UI but something that bothers me is that the new foundry only shows the oldest item.

I would like to see a change so that it show only in progress stuff because I build thing and let them sit in the foundry until I have space for them.


Edit: Or even better let it show the newest part instead of the oldest

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* there once was the info of how many nodes you had unlocked on a given planet. that still there and hidden? if not, that was pretty useful. a) for selecting which node to play, without having to actually enter the planet, b) deploying extractors.


* alerts were once visible on the mainscreen with one glance, instead of having to run up to the menu... i assume this is by design now?

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1)  I would love mouse pointer sensitivity setting for the UI. Camera sensitivity is for in game viewing.
2)  It would be great if sometimes several windows could be opened up like in usual operating systems or in the previous UI. For example I am customizing my weapon and want to quickly check the codex. Currently I have to exit every single screen before going there.
3)  It would be cool if you could open up your inventory somewhere in the ship or if it was accessible somewhere in the corner on mod, arsenal and foundry UI.
4)  I think it would be more convenient if menus in ESC menu were all separated instead of divided into sections, like the navigation bar from the old UI. Buttons would be smaller but I think quickly accessing various things would be easier.
5)  Party options (top left corner) are almost entirely hidden in the arsenal screen, please make them clearly on top as it is everywhere else.
6)  Bottom right buttons on various UI elements (like "exit" buttons or "components" button in the foundry) should be bigger, maybe shifted somewhere else for easier access. I'd love if I could access these buttons with quick sweep of the mouse and inaccurate click.

7)  Scale planets just a tiny bit in the navigation. They don't have to be matching scale to the real world, but it would be nice if gas giants would be a tiny bit bigger, small moons like phobos would be a bit smaller and so on.

8)  Show more information near the icons when hovering over a planet in navigation. Alert info near the icon, quest name near the icon and so on...

9)  It would be great if different mission tiles in the navigation menu would be more distinct from one another, instead of coding them with colors and icons. Like a more distinct looking ring for dark sectors, or maybe not even a ring. A slight texture change or something to infested missions and conflict missions, like it was before with those tiny effects. A separated conclave bar somewhere in the outside, because it is far from regular co-op missions.

10) When exiting navigation menu, it would be better if regular info stayed there, like missions, alerts. (info that you see when approaching it)

11)  It wouldn't hurt if party info was displayed on the left panel in the ship, like news are displayed on the right.

12)  Make our sentinels look at us when we approach them. (if you also create those parts of ship)

13)  Make transition from arsenal screen to "upgrade" menu faster and smoother please, it sometimes lags just a tiny bit.

14)  Allow more control on auto fusion. Let us decide how much we want to fuse it and if we want to leave a spare duplicate or don't use particular cores. Also let us fuse mods in an old fashioned way by clicking on duplicates multiple times, so we can see progress each time instead of guessing how many mods/cores it takes to reach particular rank.

15)  Make buttons for mod categories in the "upgrade" menu easier to click (like "all" and "auras"). Currently you have to click on the icon itself but entire block should be a button.

NEW 16)  Maybe add some radial menus like the gear selection in game? Something for party options or anything from ESC menu could be thrown into a quick radial menu activated with middle mouse or right mouse.

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While I love the new navigation UI. Having to go to each planet to claim and deploy extractors... is something I wish that could have been left behind...

Perhaps a claim all button please?


This. Maybe add a separate node/interface for Extractors the same way we have one for Clan/Dojo?



Additionally, it would be nice if we can switch planets when zoomed in as well. In other words, if zoomed in on Mercury you might left click and drag to switch to adjacent planets instead of zooming out, then picking another one to zoom in again.

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Would like to have the option to leave the current drone in place instead of always having to replace it.


All the planets being the same size is confusing.  I like the idea of the tenno being the sun and the planets back to the solar system arrangement.  Don't need the rotation like before but allowing manual manipulation and rotation to place planet in the foreground for selecting the mission/missions.


Need to be able to see components in inventory or someplace other than the tab when in the foundry.


I do love the overall look and organizaton.  Just need some tweaks.

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I would request some way to go from planet to planet without having to back out and click on the next, so an equivalent to sliding between the planets like we had pre u14. Other than that, 10/10. Maybe make the buttons on the escape menu a little more opaque, it can be hard to see it when you're, say, standing in front of a control console or in front of a wall with a lot of texture.
Love the new stuff though!

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Ship UI sugesstion: 

-Make the top right icon for foundry finished product interact-able which mean it'll bring us to the In-progress section of the foundry directly

-Adding counter everytime you pet your Kubrow like +5% to show your progress, Kubrow interaction is very lacking right now

-Warframe shouldn't block the mod view

-Foundry should show different finished components everytime I visit. For now it keeps showing the banshee head that I refused to claim long time ago

EDIT: Add the Kubrow breed on the imprint


Addition: Sentinel segment should look more like the one from the devstream, rightnow it doesn't look suitable, sentinel just floating on some surface

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Thanks for making this thread Pablo, gives me more incentive to post some of the ideas I had.


So, I've been reading lots on forums and among all of the "UI SUCKS, GIBE U13 BACK" and other things the most common issues with the UI were:


Warframe model gets in the way of UI

How to fix?

Keep warframe on the screen, but reduce the size of the UI and move to the right.

This way we achieve both immersion (warframe stays in view) and full ui visibility, while also fixing how big the UI is (and the foundry is seriously huge)


ESC Menu is consolized, too many clicks

How to fix?

Make sub-sections menu names clickable on hover

Paint level pro editing for reference (red boxes are buttons):



I'll drop some more suggestions later if I get any ideas.

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I'd like an "Apply"/"Cancel" button back when equipping mods.

In U14, any changes to your frame/weapon layout is permanently, and I have to add/remove mod all over again whenever I prefer the old one to the current one.

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1. Alerts shown at first glance - instead of running up to the navigator. (i believe it's already been mentioned)
2. Nodes - please bring back effects for nodes that are under invasion/ infestation outbreak/ dark sector conflicts.
3. Navigator panel - please make the background slightly darker to contrast with the white words for easier reading, and the font size to be smaller.
4. Foundry - Having just one column of items for viewing. 2 columns make it hard to search.


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We should be able to press F1 or F2 to do the "Accept" or "Cancel" vote before a mission.

It's annoying that we have to press escape for that.

That said quickbuttons for the UI would also be great.

While on the Ship pressing 1 = Navigation 2= Market 3= Arsenal and so on. 

Or give us the ability to bind it ourselves....of course console players wont benefit from it since they dont have that many buttons...but this whole UI is already console streamlined...we deserve good things, too!

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In the foundry UI, there are 2 things from the old format that I would like to see being brought over into this one.

When the foundry is brought up, I liked that the default category being shown was the "ready to build" category.

Having items listed as one column rather than 2 columns side by side made scrolling through it feel a little less cluttered. 


The new navigation UI gets a lot of flak, but I generally like it, I think it just needs a couple tweaks to make it more intuitive. Especially with the lobby stuff in the upper left corner and the location of the  "Leave Group" and "Matchmaking" buttons being hidden into the pause menu. 


Other than that my only major feedback is that on PC any more controller compatibility that can be added is welcome. I still have to use mouse to operate most things on the UI whilst using a controller to do everything else.

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