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Mirage The Revived Witch


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Thanks for your comments its just so nice that even dont wanted to say something, the words are useless here.. i love so much thaat capture that i just wanted to share'it without any comment .hack.G.U..Haseo and CanIbiteU the colors of my kubrow are default here on the capture but in the light on the ship he seems to be black but is normally white and thanks RitaVrataski xD.


I enjoy'it the story play to get her, i enjoy'it alot ... <3 it, hope you to guys and if not who can stil do the story, belive me it worth the play xD --- damn i love the speach of the Lotus in the adventure in the last act was about to fkin cry i was so emotionated that i guess im stupid or what ... but no matter what i just love this game xD




P.D.: Sorry if my english is not quiet good...

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