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What Weapons Are You Trying With Mirage?



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Torid and Mutalist Quanta! Torid is absolutely hands down the nicest weapon Mirage could ever hope for. Although atm being slightly bugged killing friendlies and such occasionally, once that gets touched up I will never think about using a different primary for her. And for the Mutalist Quanta the wall of beach balls goes beyond what I expected.

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I wanna know what kind of crazy damage/ awesomeness you guys can output with Mirage? 

What are u fav weapons to use with hall of mirrors?


Im personally looking at Phage with Multishot.......... seems fun



*Evil laugh*

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Penta, Angstrum, Torid, Ogris, Akzani, Flux Rifle, Miter, Soma, Stug, Twin Gremlins, Wraith Vipers.


Put Multishots, Serration/Hornet Strike and Magnum Force/Heavy Caliber on any of them, and you mow down anything up to T4. The added inaccuracy makes the shots spread out into a huge circle instead of a few small circles that barely overlap.

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