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Ok, I'm Digging The Ship But . . .


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(There's always a but)


Some suggestions for the future.


1.  Ability to control the lighting, both ambient (inside the hull, not the outside lighting), placed, and the little tron lights on stuff (control their color/brightness/make 'em fade/blink/solid).


2.  A suitable place for the Kubrow to rest.


3.  Ability to dim/make opaque the window


4.  Decorations!  We can start with allowing some of the Dojo decorations to be built inside the ship.


5.  The area forward of the ramp - let us raise the ramp while on the lower deck and access this spot as a combo airlock/lounge area.  Trophy area, decorations, display of weapons and gear - basically a smaller version of the personal areas a lot of us have been wanting for the Dojos.


6.  Ability to bring others onto the ship.


7.  Interior/exterior skins.  More stuff to sell.  Optional layouts, new textures - Corpus themed, Grineer themed, Infested themed, OROKIN THEMED - lot's of gold and wood FTW!



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