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Any Name Sugestions For Kubrow



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B*tch Pudding, or Poopsauce....unless you actually care, then I suggest something epic, like any of these;


http://pets.htmlplanet.com/categ/male-literature-and-mythology.html (for males)


or if you just want to have it's name be a reference to a fictional dog, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_dogs


but really, you can name it in a lot of ways


(personally, I'm really irritated that there is no way to rename your dog. what if I didn't notice which gender it was before I was forced to name it? what if I realize the name I gave it is not appropriate, and now I'm stuck with it? what if just simply want to call it something else? I think we should be able to change our Kubrows name, it's not like the Tenno speak to them anyway)

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