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Get Rid Of The Time-Wasting Rooms.


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I mean the rooms that have little to no function except as time/resource sinks.


Such as:


1.  Oracle - this room has no actual function beyond delaying the building of the rooms you *want*.  At the very least it should be reduced in cost/time, if not completely eliminated and the cost/time it used to have redistributed among the labs themselves.  That way it still takes the same amount of time/resources to build a full lab suite, but you're not waiting for the Oracle to finish so you can get at what you actually want.



2.  Reactors.  My god these rooms take a lot of power.  I have a fairly small Dojo (2 halls, three labs, some sand gardens, and the connecting hallways) - I'm running at nearly two reactors (and associated hallways that do nothing but allow me access to space to build the things) for every three rooms.  Once built, its not like you're going to be spending a lot of time there - they do nothing except act as a delay in building the stuff you want.


Power usage should be decreased *and* the reactor rooms should be linkable like the gardens are - a T-connector or even a single dual connector would be good (so you can connect reactors without excessive hallway building).


Best solution (IMO) Simply get rid of them and add the time/resource costs back into the other rooms - assume the whatever you're building the Dojo on comes with a reactor that can handle the hotel load of a Dojo. 

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The rooms are there for monetization purposes.  By providing time and resource bottlenecks, they encourage players to spend platinum bypassing the delay/forma they all take.  That's the only logical explanation I can come up with for their existence.

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I know that - and you can keep that purpose simply by raising the prices of the *useful* rooms to cover the loss of the useless ones.

im not seeing how that would work. these so called useless rooms are needed to get what you want,

so first of all, their not useless then are they? and they encourage people to rush them with plat,

if you take away the useless rooms as you call them and say then i can just start building all the labs and stuff without having to worry about reactors.

im not gonna spend a dime rushing them because im not impatient like it seems alot of this community is.


i understand wait time is frustrating,

but i cant help but notice people everywhere on this community nitpick/ whine/ $#*(@ over wait time for anything nonstop.

even if their complaint is legitimate, semi legitimate or totally bullS#&$.

its huge factor.

does no one have patience?


are they not aware that things in life often don't move at time schedule you would have liked or prefer,

and this is just game, you can either wait or pay to have it now if you have that much cash around or if your too impatient to wait.

frankly anyone who cant wait strikes me as well a bit off to be saying it nicely

its game.

go do something  else.

its not like its killing you.

go play others games or read books or whatever.

but people really get this britches in a fuss over this?

why. is this game your entire life?

if that's the case, i recommend you stop playing and get real life and learn everything cant go your way or at your pace and deal with it.

you know like everyone else in the world has to for everything ever.


the whole ordeal just leaves me with the impression of child in a candy store whining because his mother wont buy him what he wants right now at this very instance.

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You can build in the time/resources from the removed rooms into the rest.  I don't see the problem with that - it just means that I'm not wasting space building rooms that have no practical purpose - for me. 


I have a whole wing that is nothing but reactors.  something like 8 of them.  Absolutely no reason to go down those corridors, they just complicate the building plan.  Get rid of them, increase the time and resource cost of the rest of the rooms, free up space - especially for multi-level plans.




And as for the last part of your post, WTF man?  why the hell are you jumping down my throat like that?  Are *you* so devoted to these rooms that suggesting a change - one that will be *time and resource neutral* - is a serious threat to your game?

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