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Warframe Account Migration Is Live!


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The time has come! Account migration is now open to PC Players!
From now until Friday, August 1 at 2 PM EDT, the Migrate Account option will allow you to create a copy of your existing PC account for use on the PS4 version of Warframe.  
There are a few things you should know before you transfer your account:
- You must have a PSN account to be eligible for a PC to PS4 Account Migration.
- PC to PS4 account migration can only be done once and can NOT be reversed. Be sure to use the correct PSN ID for the migration.
- All existing PS4 account progress will be overwritten by your PC account.
- All Platinum and goods (i.e. Prime Access, PS4 Renown Pack, Mod Packs, Obsidian Braton Skin) purchased on the PS4 PSN Store will be added to your new migrated account at the base rank.
- Any items purchased in-game with Platinum on PS4 will be overwritten and the Platinum returned to your new migrated account; items purchased with credits will be overwritten by your PC account.
- No Platinum purchased on the PC version of Warframe will be transferred to the PS4 copy.
- No Clan information from the PC is copied; all existing PS4 Clan information remains untouched.
- Any items on PC that are not currently available on PS4 will appear when the PS4 is updated.
- If you have an existing PS4 account, your Friends List will not be overwritten, but your PC Friends List will not copy over.
- Account sharing/selling is prohibited and if violated you risk having both accounts banned.
- Your PC account will remain unaffected and unchanged after migration.
- All PC Exclusive items and gear will remain exclusive to the PC and will NOT migrate to the PS4.
For full info and to migrate your account now, visit Account Management and click ‘Migrate

WARNING: If you are already signed into a PSN account, the migration will default to that account. 
Items that will NOT Migrate

Braton Vandal
Excalibur Prime
IAHGames Braton Skin
Lato Prime
Lato Vandal
Nvidia Braton Skin
Phased AKVasto Skin
Phased Ankyros Skin
Phased Asa Syandana
Phased Vauban Warframe Skin
Phased Vauban Warframe Helmet
Phased Tigris Skin Rubedo Plated Drakgoon Skin
Rubedo Plated Galatine Skin
Rubedo Plated Rhino Skin
Rubedo Plated Rhino Helmet
Rubedo Plated Twin Vipers Skin
Rubedo Plated Viper Skin
Rubedo Plated Yamako Syandana
Phased Vasto Skin
Skana Prime
Snipetron Vandal
Edited by [DE]Drew
Added items that do not migrate
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Neato, but wasn't there talk of cross platform play too?

There was but the patch difference prevents it.

I remember it being mentioned that DE is currently working alongside Sony to find a more efficient way to do this to achieve parity, although I'm not sure how much is true.

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OMG! congtratulations DE!! a big step forward!!! i actualy stand up and applaud you (no realy, i just did that in rea life)


soon, Warframe will be the first game ever to allow cross plataform gameplay!!! (there is not such a game out there right? i think war thunder is very close thou)

big hug for the team!


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I don't get it. So when I migrate my account from PC to my PS4, I retain all progress, mods, levels on my PC account? Is progress mirrored from here on in?


I'm curious about this too - the description makes it sound like it just makes a xerox of my PC account, but then the accounts fork. Do I keep my PC progress/account or is it all PS4 all the time after that?

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