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What Are The 4 Quests?



Very Obviously we have the "Vor's Prize" Quest as the "Prologue". 


We of course have the ever so sought after "Howl of the Kubrow" Quest line.


And the mysterious "Hidden Messages" Quest. 


But if you head into your codex and see there is still one blank quest spot with "???" 


Is this yet to be implemented? Is this hidden away and not showing itself, making players scramble around?


     I had the thought that maybe another boss could possibly activate this? I mean, Seeing as how the Jackal on Venus drops the Kubrow quest it might make sense? I, personally, have looked over every re-done boss and late boss (Kril, Ambulas) and still nothing. I even went after Void Vor a few times. 


    For those of you who had played through the prologue. You may remember from after saving Darvo, or possibly after you get the mods enabled, I'm unsure when, But in your ship Darvo has a speech line that I believe follows along the lines of "Looks like your ship is a bit glitchy, perhaps look into upgrading? Bah, focus on that later" And you then go on to finish your little quest. 


Could this be Darvo's(DE's) Subtle hint about getting a better, possibly bigger, player ship? Maybe brighter and with some fun Orokin gold trimming? 


What are your thoughts about all of this? Or if you have any insightful info on the subject at hand, feel free to share!

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