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Enemy Diversity, Weapons, And Drop Tables


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TL;DR: Tiered enemy types each with different drop rates and weapon loadouts.


Currently the game has no real way for us to focus on farming a specific mod. Yes we can find missions with large amounts of the specified enemy but what about the common enemies, for instance, how do we go about farming Lancers for Heavy Trauma aside from just constantly killing them? And what about the rare/uncommon ones (Leech Osprys and Gleaming Talon) that are both hard to find in numbers and have rare drops?


Basically my idea is the method that MMO's and Dungeon Crawlers (such as WOW and Diablo) utilize. Where we have tiered enemies of the same type each with their own stats, appearance, and drops.


For example; take the Grineer Lancer. We could have a Decaying Lancer that can spawn between levels 1-5 and would have a very low chance to drop rare mods. Then having the Elite Lancer spawn at levels of 15-20 have a notable higher chance to drop their rare mods. And then having say a Lancer Commander at levels 30+ with a significantly higher chance of dropping their rare mods.


While these differences in drop rates should only stretch from values of 1-2% for low leveled enemies to 8-10% for higher it would still allow us to have better chances of getting what we want while keeping the farm and grind in the game (yes, the grind is a good thing for the game).


And as a related issue, in a recent Dev Stream the issue of the factions not using the weapons in their arsenals (Crewmen using only the Dera while nothing uses things like the Cestras and Tetra). With tiered enemies they could have different weapons and appearances per tier which would both make the factions look far more diverse and would allow players to distinguish these tiers at a glance.


Also, this would be able to use assets the game already has. Different tiers could be mere recolors of other tiers while using weapons the game already has.

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Thread from a couple of weeks back. Not quite as concrete as your list (because I'm a "levels mean too much" person) but yeah, Fire troopers. Bring them in. 

oooo~ didn't know about that thread. Yes that is pretty much exactly what I'm talking about here.

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