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Ceres Dark Sector Defense - Bugged Spawns


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I've been getting this to happen nearly every game I play; in Ceres's Dark Sector Defense there's a spot where enemies spawn inside the floor and can't get out. Without a weapon with punch-through (or a skill that goes through walls like stomp) it's actually impossible to kill the enemy (penta/ogris/AoE weapons don't work).


Screenshots of location (bugged spot marked)





The enemies spawn in the floor right beneath the marker location. There's no actual room there or way to get in there, and no way for the enemy to get out.

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I was just playing Ceres DS Defense (searching for cells). I didn't have problems with spawns, but some enemies still get stuck and also get some AI pathing errors so they run in circles. Very annoying.

Very interesting. I have had this happen to me before, but in other random places where I believed the enemy just fell through the map. That may still be the case in my previous situation, but the spots you marked are close to spawns.

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It's not a spawn locations, but looks like that. Ceres DS Defense has a bug in some locations where my sentinel is shooting to the ground, but still I can end the wave and start another one. No matter wave ends or not, sentinel will shoot these locations all the time.











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