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Kubrows Need Commands!


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I just did 3 missions, all where defense. On all of them my Kubrow died due to poison. I couldn't stop him from attacking that ancient or get him away from the osprey in time! I never went up and started attacking the enemies either, he just ran out and started trying to maul them and then as I watch in horror I see his health get drained lightning fast. I try running away to get him to follow me away from the danger but he just keeps attacking and dies...


And this happens with other enemies too, not just poison ones. He sees a group of grineer attacking the pod and thinks it's his duty to start a suicide mission. Kubrow then dies before I know what's going on. Therefore, if I bring him with me I have to try to stay back in a safe-ish place so he doesn't charge the larger groups of enemies, especially on infested missions.


I'm sick of my Kubrow getting instakilled because of his Ai. Sure, he doesn't die on every mission but take him to a defense and he ain't gonna last 5 waves due to his stupidness.


You should be able to give them commands like you can to your companions in Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Commands such as Stay, Go Over There, Silent (don't attack enemies). AKA, BASIC COMPANION COMMANDS!


Overall, I really like Kubrows, I really do. It's fun to have something to watch over and take care of. I also understand that there was A TON of work put into U14 and DE did an out of this world amazing job on it in my opinion. But, I do defense missions the most of any and it's super annoying to see my Kubrow act all derpy every time. So, next time the Kubrows are tweaked I would request implementing some basic commands for them to lower the amount of stupid Ai deaths in the Warframe universe.



~I give this thread my 100th post~

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I was thinking about this last night, after reading all the posts about kubrows standing in lasers, etc...


I would love to see a radial menu with some basic (And context sensitive) Commands for not just kubrows but also spectres (And maybe other pets along the way? Side-kicks? Rescue targets?)


General brainstorming of basic behaviors follows

"Guard Area" Makes him sit his furry but down and attack anything that gets near or attacks him.

"Passive" Makes him follow you, not attack (Maybe still use abilities),

"Defend me" Makes him be passive (See above) until something hits you, and then Cujo comes out to play.

"Attack!" Makes him go to the area under the crosshair. If the crosshair is over a specific enemy when the order is issued, he'd prioritize that enemy first. Preferably using any applicable skills to improve his chances (Stalk, perhaps)
"Follow" is probably what would be the default. Follows you around, uses abilities like normal and attacks things that get within range as usual.


More complex things could be done, it's just a matter of tweaking the AI to be a bit smarter.

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