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Crazy Insane Exp Bug (Gamebreaking)


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Last night I was doing a mission in Sedna with some friends. My game crashed during the mission and as I was loggin in, I joined the session of one of my friends to get back in. It didnt work cause his game had crashed shortly before that. So I decided to join session on my other friends game. I got in and shortly after the other friend who disconnected got in. We finished the mission as planned.

However when exp totals that were showing was some odd letter/number combination. Something along the lines of "109e506g-xp" at least that was the total for my warframe exp. So after I go in my arsenal and my warframe and weapons are all now level 30.

Thats the story recalled best to my knowledge. I was somewhat intoxicated but not intoxicated enough to imagine my ash warframe and weapons suddenly jumping to 30. Esspecially since I had pulled my brand new ash warframe out of the foundry earlier that day. Maybe this piece of code was written by Scott while he was intoxicated (yes i saw you sippin the beer in the livestream) and through the power and connection of alcohol the piece of code found its way to my game to give me free levels! No seriously, this really happened this isn't a troll and the dev's can look at my account probably see the insane fast levels themself.

Hope this helps! Will provide more information if I can!

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