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Crash When Attempting To Polarize (War-276052)


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So I attempted to Polarize my Soma today.


I did not have a Forma on me, so the Polarize button was greyed out. I clicked it and it asked me if I wanted to buy a Forma from the Market for 20p.


I said yes.


It gave me the Polarize screen, and I selected the slot and polarity I wanted, and then clicked OK.


It asked me to verify that the weapon would become unranked. I clicked OK.


I got the spinny circle cursor for 2-3 seconds and then the game said "There was a problem applying configuration. Your Account was not charged." (pp).


The Polarize button lit up, and I clicked it again.


Game immediately crashed with the error code WAR-276052.


EDIT: Logged back in, my weapon was switched back to the Attica I had on before that, but yet the Forma that it claims was not bought was sitting in my inventory. I equipped my Soma, and applied the polarity and it worked this time.

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