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Hey guys,

A small bug report coming in! :)



This is on the grineer tileset. When the platform was on the top it displayed the usual cryopod, so team thought that was the actual cryopod when the one below was the one taking damage, quite a hard mission for me to solo




First image for reference. The button I was facing (elevator) did not work





Drops don't seem to have physics, so it looks odd when the platform moves down.


Feedback: Could we get some sort of notification that the platform is moving? The Lotus "The platform is relocating Tenno."




This bug is very old and needs fixing because it tends to break survival in OD as the drops become unreachable.




This is in the same tileset as the cryopod bug above (Grineer). Basically this specific tile that I am standing in has a 1.5 second (ish) delay to load, sometimes the door would be half open and black behind (me not standing near it) and when I stand near it you notice the black.



No arc traps anywhere near extraction please, would be horrible to be there with 5 health at the end of a hard survival >.>



Thanks! I hope these get fixed :D

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