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The Easy Way To Level A New Kubrow.



With Arc traps perma-stunning your Kubrow on Mercury, the use of slash damage as a primary (and Corpus use of puncture damage) making anything on Venus a doggy death wish, and too high of level enemies on earth (not to mention Ferals). How does one relatively safely level a new/freshly Forma'd Kubrow?


Pantheon Mercury, no arc traps.This location is perfect, your Kubrow can actually get some damage in and the only thing you even have to shoot is the Heavies in some cases.


When you can slap on a considerable amount of durability on your Kubrow (See the builds below), you can then take it to Apollodorus as it's a popular node and (at least in my case), the Kubrow out-tanks your team m8s.


This is my Huras' current build as I do not have Bite.

Max Hunt (This will insta-kill most level 8 heavy units with a 210% bonus from Maul and a -20% Loyalty levels (long story))

Rank 4 Link Shields, Health, and Armor. This will give your Hansa over 1K shields, over 900 health, and ~200 Armor with the Frost Build below.

Stalk is recommended when you get to Apollo.


This is how the 'Brow gets tanky with Frost (see why I use him instead of the other frames below.)

(pro-Forma version)


I have the Arcane Aurora Frost helm.

Max Steel Fiber, Vigor, Redirection, and Vitality.

Fleeting rank 4, max Streamline and Flow.

Max Avalanche for those situations

Max Snow Globe (this is the reason I choose Frost over Rhino, when Frost's Snowglobe hits all the damage of enemies is reduced so that you can draw all that aggro while your pup kills the things, just be sure to shoot every once in a while as the Huras will take inactivity as a sign of "Oh wait! Stealth time?". 

And a maxed Stretch (The ability slots do not need polarizing except Freeze, I like using all of my abilities when not using this build.)


(Non-Forma version)

Same thing just minus two from Redirection, minus two on Vigor, minus one on Steel Fiber, and four from Vitality and use a Maxed DAMAGED Stretch mod, sure you can use a regular one with even one Forma, but the damaged one is more efficient.



Edit: Both of these builds use Rejuvenation as an Aura.

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How is Copa (earth dark sector defense) with an explosion weapon like the angstrum?  If you stand at the top of one of the two buildings the infested ignore you and beeline for the drop pod.  You can sit up there and carpet bomb right up until the ancient healers stroll in, in which case you snipe them with a puncture weapon.  I haven't tested it with a kubrow yet, so I ask how does the kubrow react in that situation?

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I just ran Copa with my new sunika and I think it works pretty well for the first few levels.  The infested are so set on getting to that pod they don't notice her.  The only time she took damage was when she was near an exploder when it popped.  Other times she tackles one of them to the ground violent and kills them in one hit.  I think after level 6 the xp slows down, but for getting enough points to slap one of the link mods on her, it's great!

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