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Void Towers Defense Fog Bug?


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I was recently running a Void Tower 3 Defense when I noticed a specific area of the map that would bring the "fog of war" effect but it became too thick. So thick as to cover the whole screen and vision was totally obscured.  The only way to find your way out of the fog is to look at your map to see which direction you are going and to head back into the main areas.



I will attach a couple screenshots showing the area that I am speaking of.


Note: *Other players have confirmed seeing this fog.

          *The fog seems to be contained to just this one area.

          *Only appeared after U14 - was not an issue beforehand.

          *Seems to only be a graphical bug - no other noticeable changes.

          *While in the fog, no matter the direction you turn or aim it is still just as thick.


          *So far I have found in the following areas: T3 Def. / T2 Def. / T1 Def.

          *T1 Defense seems to not be as thick of a fog.


This is the area that I am speaking of.  Notice how nothing is currently wrong until I step forward.




I have only stepped forward a couple feet and now the entire area is obscured.


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