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Loadout Options - Wtf Is It?




In arsenal, there's a button called Loadout Options.

Been trying to figure out what it does, but it doesn't seem change anything or save anything, except showing the loadout name over the arsenal screen. Even when I change frames it keeps the same name...


Thought it was some kind of presets for an entire gear up, but it doesn't seem to do that.

And if you know what is for, also explain what are the duplication 7 slots it haves.



EDIT: Figured it out.

Seems I was wrong and right, it does do exactly what I thought it would do, the way it was made is terrible.

It is to make load out of entire gear ups, but it doesn't seem to transmit that idea, and if you do change weapons or frame wile on a loadout it overwrites it, another silicon valley hic up, might cause some trouble for some ppl to learn how to use it.

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You can Name and create loadouts for specific factions or anything. 

Say you have a loadout for grineer but are planning on going to the Void. Well you can name and create a loadout just for the Void and the option will appear above the frame. All you have to do after that is click it and the frame and weapons you choose for Void will be automatically selected. Saves a bit of time. 

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