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How Much Plat Are Complete Prime Sets Worth



I just recently started doing void missions(before i usually got my &#! kicked but that changed when i started using melee more) and started piling up prime parts(only one complete set which is orthos prime). So i just want a tiny bit of advice on how much platinum i should ask for when a trade a prime set. I am well aware that some sets are much harder to get then others so please advise on a average platinum price

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Apply some common sense to this question, if you are piling up prime parts, do you think they are valuable? what things are usually valuable? rare things or common things? 


Regarding sets, some sets are worth 10, 15, 20, plat, some off course a lot more, it's not the same a Loki Prime set than a Dakra Prime set, pay attention to the parts that drop from higher level and more difficult missions, for example, any part dropped in t4 survival is probably a lot more expensive than anything else. 


My advice is that you pay more attention to parts than sets themselves.

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