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Interesting... (Kubrow Appearance Glitch?)


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So, this is my kubrow, Odette.




Big, fluffy, white.


Was fiddling with her accessories (Arsenal>Kubrow Appearance), when I clicked to the 3rd options and...




It's crazy clashing and ugly and I love it.


Unfortunately, when I relogged into the game her coat was back to white. DE, is there some way I can get this glitch fur back?

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I wonder what's causing this? Some aspect of our kubrow's genetic data? Whatever the cause, I'd love some sort of cosmetic option (like an alt skin?) to bring out this bizarre phenomenon.


Actually, that sounds interesting. An alternate skin for kubrows (that could take 60mins to apply and 60mins to remove, in keeping with the realism of a living being) that brings out the 'hidden' genetic traits of our kubrows, ie these glitched appearances. Would be awesome imo

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