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Global Switch Really Needed


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I personally think it would be great to have a global switch atleast or individual switch in the appeareance tab for the effects on the weapons and the enemy, like fire, ice, poison, radiation, electricity etc


I HATE how it ruins the looks of the weapons and enemies with 999999 billions of effects on them when hit from a weapon with all those damage types on...


The new shield thing did it for me...no it doesn't look "badass" with that fire on..


No offense to the devs but i think these things should have a switch..either indiviadual weapons with those mods or global (no effects on weapons neither the enemy when hit)


A week ago i wanted to get the dark dagger but then i found out now it has the hiddious green thing on it...


I hope you don't have the same attitude as some "AAA" games devs when it comes to "switches" be it global or individual...

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