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New Siestem Of Weapons


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Well I just want to give an idea from me that I've been thinking a while and I think would be useful is the said to my cousin and some friends seemed to them creative and useful well no more explicasiones or distractions here goes the idea, well it's just an idea and if not will see but right now if I say, well what I was thinking is that the maximum level of weapons and armor Warframes is level 30 (well I thought this only for weapons not for Warframe armor) and good thinking and thinking that I happened upon an idea that is "increase" the level of arms when they reach level 30 when you get to that level a component called "Transmuting" used to convert the original weapon into a weapon "Veteran needed "which also starts at level 0 with veteran weapon with another aspect more power cut. penetration, etc, what I mean is that when you get to level 30 the weapon "evolve" agragandole a new look and more power this is done in the casting deve adding materials and deserts "Transmuting" outcome that will give the weapon "Veteran "I reiterate that good itself is just an idea and I'll have luck if you read it and even more if they take into account and apply to the game (which would put me very happy) 


I say farewell to Raikow 

PS sorry I do not speak English if I have a misspelling or something else I speak Spanish and I had to use a translator to write this

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