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Dark Sector Bugs/exploits To Fix Before It Goes Live [Important]


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On behalf of PvP Alliance Paramount,


We took the time to break the map anyway we could so DE can make this gametype amazing, like it will be.


-To start, the skybox needs to be lowered to resolve two bugs/exploits. The first in the linked video, allowing players to get on top of the skybox and run freely on top of it fairly easily.



(in case that didn't work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTpwfiunc2s&feature=youtu.be )


-Secondly, lowering the sky box will remove the ability to parkour and use this height advantage on the top of the walls for easy vision and kills.




-Rooms do not finish building (This ones been at 100% for three days now)



-Turrets can also be placed inside of solid objects in some places.



-Other than that, I hope you will Balance explosives before Dark Sector pvp goes live. They will be too strong even in unranked-mid-and late game.


Hope this helps, thanks for PvP DE!



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