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Waypoint System Improvement


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When I first started playing Warframe, waypoints were tile-by-tile, rather than telling me how to traverse a room (which set of stairs to take, which ledge to mantle, etc) Personally, I find the current system to be extremely confusing and disorienting when in a complex room, such as the "waterworks tiles" in the earth jungle tileset, especially when I need to find the air can and I needed to find it 20% ago. (i.e, I'll follow the waypoint to a pipe, halfway up the pipe it tells me to go back down, halfway down it tells me to go up. What am I even doing?)


I have a couple suggested solutions to start with:


Option 1: Have an option to make the waypoint system less "greedy" and more general. The waypoint would point to the next tile connection or the objective itself if it's within the current tile. For those of us who have a pretty good grasp of level geometry this would be less confusing.


Option 2: Revamp the waypoint system into the node-style "follow the leader" ala Unreal Tournament or Dead Space, where pressing a button actually draws the path you need to follow. Maybe even use your warframe's energy color for the trace?

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