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Infinite Foundry Refreshes


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Trying to view my foundry, and it keeps refreshing, as if I just now opened it. It plays the noise, does the animation from opening, and repeats... about 8 times a second.


Not cool.


can confirm got the same issue. can also confirm that restarting seems to fix it.

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I am occasionally getting this issue, but I have also stumbled onto what may be another piece of the puzzle. This occurred for me when an Argon Crystal decayed while I was looking at it in the components screen. I saw a crystal with 10 seconds left, so I watched to see what would happen when it decayed. When it decayed, it still showed in the components GUI and the timer said -1d (for -1 day), and the GUI started refreshing as the OP said.


How to replicate this bug:

-Open the Foundry when an argon crystal(s) is about to decay

-Wait for the Argon Crystal to decay

-If an argon crystal dissapears (this happens only 50% of the time per crystal), the GUI will refresh


Restarting the game does fix the issue.


Note that because of the way argon crystals decay, it might not happen because I think this only happens if the crystal actually disappears.

I would guess that this happens any time the contents of the Components GUI change while the GUI is open, but since the Argon Crystal is the only thing I am aware of that can do this I have no way of testing it.


I have saved the log files and I am willing to submit them if someone asks me to, but I assume testing this will be fairly straight forward. Let's hope we can get this issue resolved by the next hotfix.

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