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Buffed Infestation Info


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Since there's no specific enemies category, i'll just put it in general. Here's a few things that I learn about the new infestation, but if I'm wrong, please correct me.

 1: Ancient is now the same as Grineer prosecutor. They provide damage resistance to nearby allies and turn even a crawler into a crippled brick house.

 2: Runners pretty much explodes regardless of the ranged weapon used(melee is the only guarantee way to kill them without explosion).

 3: Ancients (Don't know which one) will adapt to elemental damage and create an "immunity" shield for its allies. The signs of the immunity shield will be hard to miss. When an ancient is nearby its allies will take on an orange aura that provides basic damage resistance, but when you attack with an element, the afflicted ancient will get a different aura color, that aura color will be applied to its allies and render the afflicted element harmless.(To counter this, use a different weapon and kill the ancient or melee your way through)

 4:Runners can damage sentinel at a much greater distance when they explode(Most likely unintended).


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