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Kubrow Starter Kit (Dna Stabilizers)


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I bought the Kubrow starter kit and found that the DNA stabilizer you get in it only gives 1 charge.


I bought the 100,000 credit version of the stabilizers and found that they give 6 charges.


Is it intentional for the starter kit stabilizers to only give 1 charge or is this a bug?



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Same for me. Bought 2 Starter Kits, and only got 2 Stabilisers in total. Used 1 now, in vain hope it may "open" the kit and I'd end up with 5/6 uses left for that Kubrow, but no, the count is down to 1.

I did notice, however, the description of the Kubrow Starter Kit got changed to specifically state it should include "6 x DNA Stabilizer Kit", which I consider poor wording. The Kit already consists of 6, so if the Starter Kit comes with 6 DNA Kits, we should have gotten 36 DNA Stabilisers.   =p

I hope they'll get around to fixing the wording properly, and give us out missing Stabilisers soonish.   =)

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