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Improvements For Kubrow Ability "howl"


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Currently, the Raknas ability "Howl" lets your kubrow to bark at nearby enemies causing them to panic and run away.



1.) Remove or dramatically tone down the dark "screen pulse" effect for the player when the ability triggers. This is very distracting and looks like somebody is doing something TO you, rather than your companion doing something NEAR you.


2.) The ability seems to trigger multiple times in succession. Though this behavior is kind of glitchy.  In one game he barked 5 times and pulsed the screen 5 times, in another game he barked once but still pulsed the screen 5 times. This only needs to happen once.


3.) Enemies affected by Howl stop fighting and run away for bit.  This is highly annoying for your team and it also means the kubrow is completely unable to attack anything they have howled at.  I would prefer if Howl had a shorter cooldown but functioned as a temporary interrupt/stagger for 2-3 seconds (like the onset of Chaos or Radial Blind).


4.) Howl's sound effect should be a howl, not a bark.  The bark isn't unsettling at all.

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