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Hidden Messages Quest Bug


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I don't know if this has been reported earlier, but I saw it so I will report it:


In the Hidden Quests messages, after construction the Systems (2nd part), the Lotus and Ordis responded as if I had completed the Chassis (3rd part), and told me to construct Mirage. I even got the "All three acts complete etc" message in the inbox, even though I had only finished the Systems and still needed the Chassis. Let me know if you need any further information.

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 Just had a similar issue.  Completed the systems.  Pulled systems from Foundry, Ordis read me the riddle for the systems, and then the inbox only has the chassis message.  The systems message is not there.  So it is implying that I have finished, but I know I have to go for the last part.


 I can go for the last part, and I did take a screenshot of the riddle in case I need to reference it again, but I would have liked to have gotten the correct riddle in the inbox.


 As for how "riddle" like the questions are.  Doesn't seem like much when you just surf through the planets and look for the mission that isn't it's normal mission.

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