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Interception Bug: Nodes Invisible And Ui Bugged

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I joined an interception mission (Viver, Eris) after the two people already in the game had finished the first wave and had to kill the remaining enemies. When the next wave started, I realized that the nodes were invisible except for the ring around them and the icon on the minimap and the bars that show % completion stayed at 0% throughout (but my teammates could see what the values actually were). On attempting to capture a node or even running over one, there was no UI element to show % captured or anything. Also, the control panels that enemies use to capture nodes were invisible/missing as well (enemies would simply be typing into the wall where they were supposed to be). One last thing, sometimes the Lotus transmissions saying "Tower lost" and such would be incorrect; e.g. she would say "tower lost" but all 4 icons on the minimap were still blue.



Missing floaty thing over A (and no % captured): 



%'s staying at 0 (and no floaty thing again): 



No indicator of capturing or control of node: 


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