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The Brakk.... Is It Worth It? G3



ok, it all began a month and a half ago, when me and my friend was playing warframe, on an invasion mission


he mentioned the grustrag 3, and he warned me that if should i ever encountered the grustrag 3, just run, dont stop dont look just run. He seemed pretty serious about it as well, i never took it seriously


but it was later that night that they spawned and began the assualt. well...for some reason the game bugged out after i killed one of them, they downed me and after seeing a drone hover over my warframe, and if you know the cat that says LEROYYYYY!!!!, or something like that, i was kinda like that. i shot the freakin drone, AHHHHH GERT, OFF MY WARFRAMEEE!!!, and well....the game bugged and i was stuck in the match for good. 


being an idiot, with a lowly squishy warframe who never faced the grustrag 3, stood up against them and was beaten down. 


but is the brakk really worth the hassle? all i know is that the brakk was basically a hand cannon.  

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The Brakk was one of the best weapons in the game. It was nerfed quite a bit since the Gradivus Dilemma event, but it is now dropped by the Grustrag Three. The Brakk is still one of the best secondaries, only rivaled by the Marelok.

It is really up to you whether you should get it or not. It all depends on these questions:

1. Do you prefer close-quarters combat (Brakk), or long-range combat (Marelok)?

2. Do you dislike shotgun-type weapons?

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It's worth it and really easy to get if you can solo it. I wish someone would have told me you can just sit at spawn (stay for 4 minutes then abort if no show) and they would still show up. Took me four hours to get while watching movies and this is after spending weeks running through invasions with no shows.

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