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Soloing Defense Missions As A New Loki Player



Defense missions seem to be better with groups but because of my current location teammates are hard to come by

i recently picked the loki frame and am having trouble keeping the horde away from the cryo-pod, i dont have any issue staying alive but it feels like my dps isn't enough to kill them all fast enough.



it also seems that invisibility is utterly useless because they just go shoot the cryopod when they dont see me


is there something i can do with a different mindset instead of just camping near the cryopod and shooting them?

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My advice then would be to do missions like apollodorus or find a taxi to Sechura in Pluto. Sechura is always full of people levelling weapons, frames, and sentinels/kubrows. Once your gear is at a higher level, you'll be able to solo pretty much anything. Loki is a good soloing frame for most missions, but defense missions are not his forte.

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Invisibility enables a stealth melee multiplier that will help you to cleave through anything you touch.  Use and abuse this to kill everyone around the pod, and drop a Decoy if the pod is getting too slammed.  Worse case scenario, Disarm your foes to stop them from shooting the pod and force them into your domain: Melee Only.


Focus on duration mods like Continuity, Constitution, and Narrow Minded to maximize the duration of your Invis, and/or power efficiency Mods to enable Decoy/Invis spam.  Bring a hard-hitting melee weapon.


Best of luck!

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