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Hysteria Receives No Benefit From 90% Of Melee Mods.


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Hysteria is doing decent damage now. But it still has some problems with being non-interactive with the majority of mods on your melee weapon.


Channeling mods don't do anything. None of them provide any effects while in Hysteria. Your channeling efficiency doesn't change, your crit chance isn't better, you aren't getting more attack speed, or more damage, or anything.


Status chance of Hysteria is apparently zero. Impact, Puncture, and Slash mods are also useless, as are Berserker and Energy Channel.


I'm still trying to find out if Finishing Touch works, but I'm placing my money on it not doing anything either.


There are only 5 mods that work; Pressure Point, Spoiled Strike, Fury, True Steel, and Organ Shatter.


This leaves you with 3 whole mod slots that are completely useless the moment you turn on Hysteria.

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I've done some testing myself and haven't noticed any effect from fury. What are you referring to?

On topic, Hysteria is once again affected by Steel Charge and power strength in general, so those kinda count as your missing mod slots. I consider it not a bad deal overall, especially with combo modifiers being available as well.

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Does Hysteria still scale off the stats of the melee weapon itself (e.g. you do a billion times more damage with a Serro than you would a Glaive Prime under the same builds)? Because if so, then I think that needs to change. I think that Valkyr players shouldn't be restricted into a specific melee weapon just to be able to use their 4 effectively; using Hysteria with an Amphis or something should be every bit as effective as using it with the Dragkana.



How's the damage on Hysteria? If it's high enough to reach well into late-game without needing any elemental mods or anything, then it might've been intentional.

I'm not a Valkyr player, so someone please enlighten us all. XD

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You wait what? Power Strength does nada to Hysteria. It DOES however super boost Warcry, which super boosts your attack speed =D

I tested it shortly after U14 landed; I'm 90% sure it's working again. Though I guess now I have to go check it again :3

At any rate its definitely scaling off weapon stats again, in the way OP said (except for fury which I don't think affects hysteria at all).


This is all based on observation and I can't say I've done serious tests, ie. controlling for every possible variable, but as far as I can tell the Hysteria claws have a certain base crit chance (prolly still 25%) and crit damage (not sure what this one is, as crits appear highly variable, though this might be combo modifiers messing me up). Those stats are then added to *only* the on-paper stats from your current melee. All mod effects from beserker to life strike to element damage get dumped, but the final crit damage (Organ Shatter), crit chance (True Steel), and base damage (Spoiled strike, Pressure point, Steel charge) are added straight on to the claw's stats. This total damage is then boosted by power strength, and afterwards, by combo mods.


So, given this information, my speculative formula for average hysteria damage would look like this:

Hyst Total Dmg = [Claws Base + (Weapon Base * (1 + SS + PP + SC))] * [1 + Power Strength] * [Combo Modifier] * [Crit Stuff Here]


SS = Spoiled strike

PP = Pressure point

SC = Steel charge

Claws base = Probably still 300 divided amongst the 3 physical damage types. As always.


I've omitted the crit mechanics because I feel like theyre a little much to write out and would convolute the important stuff here, but suffice to say crits are multiplicative with everything else. I guess I can add it later but the math types out there probably all are pretty familiar with it.


So... anyone feel like taking this for a test run? :D

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