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"nightmare/dark Matter" Based Warframe


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Name: Hades/Lucifer/Onyx/Kane/Aeron/Karan


A monstrous warframe that lurks in deepest voids of space. His/her attacks manipulate dark matter and space itself to annihilate enemies.

 –In-game description.


Base Statistics

Health: 100.0 (300.0 at rank 30)

Power:150.0 (225.0 at rank 30)


Shield Capacity75.0 (225.0 at rank 30)

Shield Recharge: 22.5

Sprint Speed1.0


Ability 1: Dark Pulse

Shoots a antimatter ball ("grenade") that does splash damage (50/75/100) at a group of enemies. Upgrading it increases the blast radius.

- Meant for a low damage crowd control offensive ability except with weaker damage compared to Frost's freeze ability to balance it.


Ability 2: Whiplash

Projects a single horizontal dark matter slash cutting all enemies in direction until it explodes. Upgrading it increases the slash's range. 

- Kind of a situational ability, works better in narrow passages for incoming enemies (Hallways, Walkways,etc)

Ability 3: Devourer

Sucks in small enemies around you within melee range and "devours" them giving you and your team a % of the enemy's health and shields. Upgrading it increases the % of health and shield gained from enemy.

- A utility ability but also offensive to a certain degree. Smaller enemies are more affected while larger enemies still remain but have their shields and health partially takened.

Ability 4: Dark Hole

Deploys a black hole that attracts enemies in the vicinity into the event horizon where they can't move while they are ripped apart and damaging larger enemies before it dissipates. Upgrading it increases the duration of ability.

- Crowd control based ability, great for infested. 

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