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How To Solve The Scrambler Issue -


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Hey all.


For the most part, the scrambler system was bad. But there was one aspect of it that I really liked. The randomness, combined with the relatively high price of entry, prevented everyone from getting "the perfect Kubrow."


I feel like, if they really did just give us templates and skins, everyone would be running around with a Lotus Kubrow, with a nice, contrasting color scheme.


Redundant color schemes (i.e. black and white for Valkyr, prime-knockoffs for frames without primes) are okay on Warframes and sentinels - they can just be painted, after all. But I think being able to do that for Kubrows would feel... wrong. They are living creatures after all, and the randomness of the scrambler makes each Kubrow feel truly unique - that is, so long as they're not all plain white.


This, I think, was one of the reasons DE made the scrambler the way it was.


I suggest that the scrambler is kept in the game, as it is, purchasable for plat (perhaps for less than 10), but also made available as an uncommon drop (that can't be traded). Sort of like a little voucher thing that you can exchange for one "free" scramble.


Why do I suggest this?


1. The aspect I mentioned before would be, for the most part preserved.

2. People who aren't willing to pay plat for scrambles would still be able to scramble. :D

3. Those who have already spent plat on scrambles wouldn't feel like they were screwed over, and DE doesn't have to worry about compensating anyone.


While this solution wouldn't make every person as happy as possible, I feel that it's a solution that would be agreeable for all parties involved (those who vehemently opposed the system, those who already paid for scrambles, and DE).




TL;DR make scrambles available both for purchase and as a drop.

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Or just make the scrambles cost a hefty amount of credits, and leave selective colour changes for Plat purchases.


Vindictus runs through this system, and (aside from the fact that the premium Dye Ampoules cost nearly $2 each and select randomly from 6 colours before you choose to apply it to a single colour slot on a single item... the only redeeming factor being that the ampoules are tradable after the colour is locked in) I think it works pretty well. An alternative for Warframe would be to have a palette of various natural-looking colours (no obnoxious purples or greens or anything silly like that) that costs 50-100 plat or so, functioning in the same way as our current Frame/Weapon palettes.



I don't mind a bit of RNG madness here and there, but as long as it stays a good distance away from plat purchases, I'm good.

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