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Star Map Navigation Preference?


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I personally prefer the old Star Chart!


1. I really think it was easier to navigate because everything had a relative position to the sun, and you knew that the further away you traveled, the more difficult the missions would be.


2.The planets and moons also seemed to be more to scale, compared to the same sized, arbitrarily colored ones in the new layout. Although the new star chart is more immersive, I find it a lot more difficult and I actually lose motivation to play the game because it feels cumbersome to find out where I want to go.


3. I prefer the old method of portraying progression whereby the levels were connected linearly. For myself, it was just simpler, and I enjoyed it. I understood progression more in the old layout.


4.The fact that I can't view planets that I have yet to unlock makes it difficult for me to see what I must do to reach it. For example, I havent reached Eris yet, and I have no idea what I have to do to reach it. This goes back to the linear connection of levels.


Conclusion: Perhaps add an option to select which viewing mode to use?

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Having the show does not preclue having a decent star-chart.


just set it so the old version pops up when you sit down at the nav console.


it was FAR superior, showing how far away each sector was from the sun, how each node/system was connected, how many people were on each mission, where the alerts were, where the dark sectors were.


the new version is just a bunch of floating balls with lists of nodes in front of them, far far less immersive, shows less infomation and is harder to make sense of, because everything looks the same. 



Seconded. But the change seems to be for the benefit of people using controllers.

i'm using a controller, and the old version was still much easier to navigate.
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