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Hysteria Combo Locked Turning


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Thx DE for making the Hysteria combos work.


But, there's a weird problem with the combos. When you do one of the combos, you're kind of locked in the direction you're facing, it's hard to turn Valkyr unlike any other melee attack or combo in the game. Makes it a little difficult to land your hits when u can't readjust where you're aiming your hits. Right now the best way to deal with it is to end your combo once you start veering off past your intended target.


Another sign that makes me think this is unintended is, if you were to get on some stairs or a slope and start doing the Hysteria combos, each individual animation would cause you to either start clipping into the stairs if you're facing them, or start floating midair if you're looking away from them, as if the combos prevented you from traveling vertically (going up and down stairs and etc).


Anyone else notice this?

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