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Player-Made Objectives...sorta


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So, as I was farming for Argon earlier today, I realized how inconvenient it was to both stare at the bottom of my screen and check my mission progress periodically to see if I actually got one.


So I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to set a secondary objective in a mission on our own?"


So here's the full idea:


Let's say I need X amount of X resource. So, I'd go to whatever interface and choose a set of three Objective components:


The actual objective (obtaining, killing, etc), quantity and the subject of the objective.


From my earlier experience, I'd choose Obtaining for the first, quantity would be however much I needed and the subject would be the Argon Crystals.


Once the objective has been completed, you'd get a little notification.






Sorry if this seems incoherent, I'm gettin' tired.

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