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Silva And Aegis: Shield Doesn't Function Like A Shield


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They should just make a series of mods for it, like "absorb X damage and add it to the sword", "X chance to knockdown enemies at the cost of Y stamina while blocking and running". Hell, the lame @$$ glaive has like 4 mods for itself why not do it for the Silva and Aegis too? 

Even though I didn't liked the Venka it should also be taken in consideration.

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No stamina is overpowered for both PvE and PvP.  If you have the right setup you would just need to walk at your enemies and sit back while your warframe does all the work.  The combo is reflex guard and reflection. If you have those mods and 'infinite blocking' you will never have to do anything.

That is a problem with Reflex Guard which is a crutch for pvp, barely used anywhere else - it should be changed. With it out of the way, a shield that blocks stamina-free would not be a big deal, especially considering how much overpowered weapons and abilities there already are in this game.

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