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Warning: Trading Imprints Does Not Grant 100% Kubrow Chance [Details Inside]



Get my Ice Blue Lotus Print Kubrow.


He received an all white Kubrow.




Also Buyer if you see this thread PM In-Game, my mission crashed.


This is the Kubrow Imprint I traded.



And he got a all white Kubrow.

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Dude what?  Is that hard to understand.


>I created an imprint of my ICE BLUE x Brown Lotus Symbo Kubrow

>I traded the blueprint for plat.

>15 minutes later

>He msg me stating it turnt out all white


Rahu, that's a good question.  Sadly my game crashed and I forgot his name.  Something like RifleMcSniper.  But based on your statement, I bet he used a dominant imprint and mine ended up recessive.  


My Kubrow is a Female Huras (sp?.)


Edit:  THANK YOU LETTER13.  ><

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Imprints are useless they do not have a 100% chance at creating the Kubrow that the imprint came from. The buyer is SOL, he did not do his hourly sacrifice to RNGesus and thus did not get his Kubrow.

Expect a huge drop in demand for templates till something is done. And a lot of scamming.

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