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Cosmic Specter


How in the world do I get my conclave rating up that high? I have weapons with multiple formas, max redirection/vitality/serration etc, a dragon nikana, dread, synapse, despair, and yet I still can't hit 1800 conclave! I can take Excaliber solo through a T4 Exterminate and yet I can't make a cosmic specter out of my Rhino! Would anyone out there with cosmic specters be kind enough to share their build? Or could anyone share the secret to boosting your concalve rating? I feel like I have max gear with max mods in every slot and yet still, I just cannot make it!


PS - I'm sorry if this post sounds like anything but a cry for help, this has been on my mind for awhile and I am at a genuine loss as to how I could buff my conclave rating any more, and yet I know for a fact that it can be done otherwise those darn things wouldn't be in the game lol


Thanks in advance for any input, it is greatly appreciated!

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Generally, the auto-install will give a high conclave rating.


The spectres save weapons and frame, but do not copy the mods across, so just go as high as possible and don't bother with using good builds when making them.

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Well since specters don't use the mods you equip, just empty out all the mod loadouts and use auto equip function.  That will maximize conclave rating.  Also sentinel and their loadouts affect the conclave rating.


Edit, damnit slow at posting again.

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