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Please Help With My Ignis



So I'm working on a proc build (for fighting infested atm) and I need some info.


1. As the status chance for Ignis is per-second, does adding on a firerate mod increase it?


2. If I add a second stat into the mix, would that detract from the possibility of applying the first stat or add to it?

ex: I have a 50% chance of inflicting Gas, would adding electricity change that to 25, or would they both be 50?


3. Is punch-through useless on an Ignis? (as it has innate punch-through.)


4. If I use the Ignis with Mirage, and her clones, would that further increase proc chance?


This is what my build currently looks like: http://goo.gl/j0xGWv


Thanks for your time and help guys :)

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What do you mean I will get more procs? I thought Procs referred to the chance of inflicting a status on a single enemy over the time period of 1 second, in regards to the ignis.


Also, in regards to 2, what does that mean exactly? Although the elemental with the highest dmg has the highest priority, would adding another elemental decrease from its chance to inflict status conditions, or would it not effect it? (if the status chance overall is 50%, does it effect both potential status's separately or together?)

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1. Procs on continuous weapons are a bit strange. I honestly don't know if adding RoF increases the proc rate. I would suggest you assume that it does not when planning builds, and if it does, happy times. :P



The chance for each proc is based on the % damage done by that damage type.


So lets look at a simple example, Boltor Prime with no mods. Its got a 10% proc chance, and a chance to proc only Impact and Puncture. It doesn't do any Slash damage so it can't proc Slash. This does not mean that it will proc Puncture 5% of the time and Impact 5% of the time; it will proc Puncture far more often. This is because it deals more Puncture damage than Impact.


So we look at the damage breakdown and see that it deals 90% Puncture damage and 10% Impact damage. This correlates to the proc chance - 90% of the procs will be Puncture, and 10% will be Impact. Combined with a 10% chance for a proc to happen, this means that we have a 9% chance for a Puncture proc, and a 1% chance of an Impact proc.


This 'simple' distribution works the same for elemental weapons with added elements. It also works if you add less than 100% total of all different elements to an IPS weapon.


If a weapon deals exclusively physical or elemental damage [or an IPS weapon with less than 100% elements added], the chance of a proc being that type is equal to the proportional amount of damage done by that type.


But when we add more than 100% elements to an I/P/S weapon, the Impact, Puncture, and Slash procs must add up to half of the total procs, and the added elements share the other half of the procs.


So say we add 180% Corrosive and 90% Cold to our 10% proc chance Boltor Prime. Now we're dealing 2.7% Impact, 24.32% Puncture and Cold, and 48.6% Corrosive. But this does NOT equal the chances for a proc to be those elements, because the IPS mods must proc half the time. So instead we see 10% Impact and 90% Puncture half the time, so 5% Impact and 45% Puncture, and we see 66.66% Corrosive and 33.33% Cold half the time, so 33.33% Corrosive and 16.66% Cold.


If a weapon deals both physical and more than +100% elemental damage, at least half of the time the proc must be physical. The type of physical or elemental proc is determined by the proportional amount of damage done by that type.

So without HV you have 22% chance to proc gas per sec, with it you have 28% chance to get a proc, 78.5% of which will be gas, so still 22% chance to get a gas proc but also a 6% chance to proc elec.


As for the build, personally I wouldn't use Speed Trigger (burns ammo too fast) or Gas+Electric combo for any faction.

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You should probably also bear in mind that, while as I understand it, the overall DPS on a continuous-fire weapon is increased by fire-rate mods, historically the actual indicators in-game don't always reflect that, as they are only popping up on occasion. In addition, the drain to your ammunition can be a little ridiculous. 

You may be better served by increasing the status chance on the weapon, rather than the fire rate, so that your ammunition is better spent. In my experience, the infested don't take much to kill (Ancients being the exception, for obvious reasons) with an Ignis, so a higher fire rate may waste more ammunition that you'd like. Obviously Rifle Ammo Mutation and increased ammo capacity/clip size helps, but why waste it if you don't have to?

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