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What Kind Of Warframe Will Be Cool To Have In The Next Update?

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Spider-themed Warframe using Corrosive damage.


I already have the concept in my head.


1: Projectile web ability that deals corrosive damage and stuns the target and afflicts surrounding units with Corrosive status

2: Mobility skill using a web line, similar to Valkyr, but deals no damage to enemies if struck; disarms enemies it hits

3: All enemies in range afflicted with Corrosive take damage and are stunned for a short duration

4: Channeled ability that spreads an ethereal "web" that inflicts Corrosive status to affected enemies and 

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A Dryad-like warframe that controls the strange plant stuff/corruption that grows on orokin derelict vessels :) Animates vines, summons treant-like corrupted beings, can shoot a tendril/vine into an enemy and corrupt them, turning them into her permanent minion, etc. Kinda like Nekros 2.0 but with useful pets.

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One that isn't completely broken upon release. 

After that, i'd like to see something that is a bit more down to earth with it's choice of powers, like Vauban only uses grenades for his powers, I think another frame should use something like that. 

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Me and my friend made a warframe that you have to sacrifice the three starter warframe to make. By having them jump into the fires of the sun... As a ritual.

Pheonix warframe: 150 health

200 shield

190 armor

100 energy

150 stamina


Pheonix Cry: Pheonix lets out a screech that stuns enemies and summons 2 pheonix birds to attack and destroy enemies. 25 energy consumed

Liftoff: Pheonix turns into the fire bird he was born as and attacks enemies with newfound abilities. 50 energy consumed

Apocalypse: Pheonix calls upon the power of his creators and for a limited time (upgradable) he has infinite energy and can only use the sacrificed warframes' ultimate abilities. 75 energy consumed

Reborn: Pheonix summons the spirits of the 3 warframe sacrificed to make him and disappears and controls one for a some time. (Press button to switch control of which spirit) 100 energy consumed

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