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Few Forum Bugs Since Maintenance


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Yeah I have no problem with new lines, but it looks like DE changed scripting languages for the forum.

The buttons for changing font no longer work;

Line wrapping (in reply/edit window) doesn't look for spaces, it just breaks between letters;

Quoting just... doesn't work - it links to the quoted post correctly but the quoted text is just shown as normal post text, and it's adding HTML code for new lines (which apparently those who aren't using Chrome need to apply to get line breaks)

That's all I've got ATM.

EDIT: OK I'm using Chrome and now enter isn't working again. Added my own line breaks.

2nd EDIT: OMG. Entering edit mode removes those added line breaks. >.> *boycotts forum until it's fixed*

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There seems to be a problem currently with the forum. And if anyone else has already posted this, then just think of this as another person having this problem.


When you go to the main site, then click on Community > Forums, it simply brings you back to the original site. I've been sitting here checking to see if the forums were back all day, and just now randomly used my Alert Notifications page bookmark to find out it was indeed back up.


I can't seem to navigate to the main forum page. Instead, I'm forced to use my History to pick certain topics in different subforums so I can go to said subforums. Clicking on "Warframe Forums" at the top left just brings me back to the home page.


Edit: also, I'm using Firefox.


Edit again: Someone hooked me up with the answer. If anyone else is experiencing this, clear your browser cache. If that doesn't help, then try clearing cookies as well.

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