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Can You Guess? What Frame Is Next?


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so im working on my next frame, for the next one to be added to my waframe legacy art series

which consists of my jagged and jilted art style and a written part to give the frame more depth and feeling.


ive done mag, valkyr and ember,


im working on the next now.

but i wanted to leave portion of the written part to see if anyone could guess what frame it is.


just something i thought would be fun to do as i work on this.


it may or may not help to go see my previous works, with the art and writing finished, might help you make a better guess if you see how i write. who knows?



anyway, here's the sneak peak of  of the written part for the next frame.

who is it? whats your guess?




The fleeting glimpse of things that might be,

a single second of a possibility before it moved.

thoughts echoed through the battlefield as they always do.

haunting, yet beautiful in their  melody.


a symphony born from a mess.

thus  is the nature of, minds that live in states of unrest

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i'll go with Banshee~~, and if you have some art... link me please :3

below in order of when the came out is my 3 currant finished frames. note. the number say that there is 4, there is only 3 as i started with excal and just ended up hating it so i no longer count him. nor could i find nor do i want to show it to anyone








please, let me know what you think.

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