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A Few Practical Advices.


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So i've played U14 for a while and all i can say - it's a lot of steps backwards in a functional way. I guess a lot of people already posted about bad designed menu trees, that force you through 4-5 clicks to achieve what you could've done in a 1-2 clicks prior to U14. But i want to draw attention of developers to a few "easy-to-make" things that will considerably boost the functionality. So:

1) We need to see resources that drop when we hower over the planet in "navigation UI".

2) Make some kind of announcement for extractors in top right corner of the screen (like unread inbox messages, and crafted foundry items are seen now). So when extractor gatheres something, it'll be nice to know about that without going through all the navigation menus. Like a small reminder will be enough.

3) Implement the same "stats" menu for warframes as it's already done for weapons, so we can see the difference in real-time, when we change mods. 

4) Overall available resources must be seen from main menu in foundry, like it was in previous layout. Or as an alternative you can make so we can see the maximum available amount of recources in craft menus. Not only the necessary minimum needed to craft the item.


So that's the most basic and obvious flaws of new ui, in my opinion. But if something is got out of my eyes, all feedback is appreciated. I'll add new points into the list.

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