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Cracking Kubrow Breeding



I know there are a few threads sort of like this one up, so merge away if needed. I wanted to make a thread to focus on the mechanics of breeding alone, and not so much A+B=C and X+Y=Z.


From the livestream that mentioned kubrow breeding (please do correct me if i'm wrong) it was said that kubrows have traits and these traits will interact via simple dominance, no other forms of dominance, and no linking. If this is the case, it makes me think that kubrows can then be divided up into their traits, and the offspring will have the outcome of the dominant/recessive relationship between each pair of traits from the parents. Even if it is more complicated than this, I think the major step to figuring it out is taking a careful look at the traits of the parents and seeing what happens. Following is the list of traits that I have noticed (add on or correct me):


1.) Type (Sunika, Huras, etc)

2.) Gender

3.) Body Type (Skinny, Skinny/Muscular, Beefy)

    - height could be engrained in this trait or be a separate one as well

4.) Eye Color

5.) Head Pattern (lotus symbol, stripes, etc)

6.) Body Pattern (stripes, splotches, etc)

7.) Leg Pattern (stripes, splotches, etc)

8.) Head Color 1 - Main color

9.) Head Color 2 - Pattern Color (lotus symbol, etc)

10.) Head Color 3 - Accent Color

11.) Body Color 1 - Main color

12.) Body Color 2 - Pattern color (stripes)

13.) Body Color 3 - Stomach/Secondary Pattern color

14.) Leg Color 1 - Main color

15.) Leg Color 2 - Pattern Color (stripes, splotches)

16.) Leg Color 3 - Accents


I think it's safe to say that the colors come in 3 options as seen from the coloring bug, in which color 1 controlled the main color, color 2 controlled the pattern, and color 3 controlled accents/stomach. One worrisome thing about colors, though, is that it's pretty rare to see a kubrow with different main colors on the face, body, AND legs, which might imply some linking of colors, though it is possible to have a different main color on face and body, shown in the pic below.



Anyway, however the system actually works, assuming at its basest that is is trait based and simple dominance based, it should be easy enough to determine with enough detailed breeding results. Once we figure out how it works, then we can get down to A+B=C and so forth.


A fun topic for me (considering my studies), if you've got breeding results and the time to post them, please do so!

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